Blom-Singer® Special Order Voice Prosthesis (LEF)
Blom-Singer&reg Special Order Voice Prosthesis (LEF)
Prescription Required

LEF Size*:


Large Esophageal Flange (LEF)

Provides a seal to help manage leakage around a voice prosthesis. Also enables downsizing from a wider diameter prosthesis to a smaller diameter. Effectiveness depends on an optimal prosthesis length fit that achieves a snug flange-to-flange seal against the wall surface(s).

LEF Product Codes: 16 Fr. 04mm (IN1604-LEF), 16 Fr. 06mm (IN1606-LEF), 16 Fr. 08mm (IN1608-LEF), 16 Fr. 10mm (IN1610-LEF), 16 Fr. 12mm (IN1612-LEF), 16 Fr. 14mm (IN1614-LEF), 20 Fr. 04mm (IN2004-LEF), 20 Fr. 06mm (IN2006-LEF), 20 Fr. 08mm (IN2008-LEF), 20 Fr. 10mm (IN2010-LEF), 20 Fr. 12mm (IN2012-LEF), 20 Fr. 14mm (IN2014-LEF)