Barton-Mayo™ Tracheostoma Button
Barton-Mayo™ Tracheostoma Button
Prescription Required

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Developed in association with the Mayo Clinic to provide leak-proof tracheostoma valve retention for near-total laryngectomy and total laryngectomy patients. It is compatible with the Blom-Singer Adjustable Tracheostoma Valve II and Blom-Singer HumidiFilter.

Rx Only - Prescription Required

Only available for sale in the US and English-speaking, non-EU countries.

PRODUCT CODES: 09 short (BMB091), 09 regular (BMB092), 09 long (BMB093), 10 short (BMB101), 10 regular (BMB102), 10 long (BMB103), 12 short (BMB121), 12 regular (BMB122), 12 long (BMB123), 14 short (BMB141), 14 regular (BMB142), 14 long (BMB143)