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Where in the world is David Hayles?

Our favorite laryngectomee continues his around-the-world bike trip!

In our last update, we reported that David had made the impressive journey across the continental U.S. - from Baltimore to California - entirely by bicycle.

This 72-year-old British gentleman has never let his laryngectomy slow him down! So where in the world is David now? India!

David tells us that he is doing well with his EasyFlow HME cassettes, even as he works his way through "2000 miles across the deserts of southern Australia in high temperatures" to a balmy cargo ship en route to Singapore. He has recently arrived in India.

Please join InHealth Technologies and his treatment team at the Milton J. Dance, Jr. Head and Neck Center in Baltimore, MD, in cheering David on as he accomplishes this amazing feat!

David Hayles in Singapore