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Blom-Singer Reusable Housings and Tape Discs

Our flexible, reusable Tracheostoma Valve Housings are a great HME option for many patients. That's because they may offer less waste than single use disposable housings and are designed to provide a seal when paired with Blom-Singer Adhesive Tape Discs.

Tracheostoma Valve Housings come in standard and large sizes:

  • BE 6038: Tracheostoma Valve Housing, standard, 1 ea.
  • BE 6039: Tracheostoma Valve Housing, large, 1 ea.
  • BE 6038-P: Tracheostoma Valve Housing, standard, PVC, 1 ea.
  • BE 6039-P: Tracheostoma Valve Housing, large, PVC, 1 ea.

InHealth Technologies also offers a wide variety of Blom-Singer Adhesive Tape Discs to help create a customized HME fit:

  • Thin Tape Discs (BE 6043/BE 6044): The double-sided thin tape disc is lightweight and transparent.
  • Regular Tape Discs (BE 6041/BE 6042): The regular is transparent and a little thicker than the Thin Tape Disc, which may help with maneuverability.
  • Heavy-Duty Tape Discs (BE 6034/BE 6035): A white opaque, double-sided tape with a near-fabric-like material that helps provide an adhesive seal.

These options are particularly helpful right now as we are experiencing a supply interruption of Blom-Singer Foam Discs (BE 6045 and BE 6046). We are working with our supplier to resolve this issue quickly. If you have questions, please contact us.

We look forward to having the Blom-Singer Foam Discs back in our extensive line up as soon as possible!