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InHealth Technologies helps support charitable efforts abroad

The Blom-Singer® EL 1000 Electrolarynx helps people of Cameroon find their voice.

Since 2008, Dr. Wayne Koch has been active as a volunteer surgeon and surgical trainer at Mbingo Baptist Hospital (MBH) in Northwest Cameroon, Central Africa.

Cameroon, like many sub-Saharan African countries, has a large population almost completely unserved by modern surgical care. While tobacco use is not widespread in Cameroon (it is too expensive for many), laryngeal cancer is the most common adult cancer of the head and neck.

Since radiation is virtually unavailable, and most cases are at an advanced stage, total laryngectomy is the most frequently recommended treatment.

Patients have difficulty affording expensive medical devices, including electrolarynxes and tracheoesophageal prostheses. For this reason, InHealth Technologies has been proud to contribute our Blom-Singer® EL 1000 Electrolarynx to patients in need for the past several years.

To quote Dr. Koch, "It is a grand moment when someone who has lost his or her natural voice to cancer can first say 'Hello' and 'I love you' with a donated voice instrument. So on behalf of the many grateful patients in Cameroon, many, many thanks to the people at InHealth Technologies who have given so generously."

And many thanks to you, Dr. Koch, for your dedication to this important effort!

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