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InHealth Technologies welcomes laryngectomee and around-the-world bicyclist David Hayles

The InHealth Technologies home office had a pretty exciting and unusual guest recently: David Hayles.

David Hayles lives in New York State. He had his total laryngectomy in Baltimore at Johns Hopkins Medical Center. What makes his visit to California especially interesting is that he traveled here entirely by bicycle.

Mr. Hayles is a 72-year-old gentleman from Bristol, England. He has been on a journey to travel around the world by bicycle. He visited the InHealth Technologies office in California after leaving our friends at Baylor Medical Center in Dallas, Texas.

The team at InHealth Technologies has had the unique pleasure of supporting Mr. Hayles. We know it can be difficult to find the right team to assist in voice prosthesis change needs and we have been pleased to make sure David has the support and supplies he requires. We may be partial, but we think he looks particularly dashing in his InHealth Technologies EasyFlow® HME System.

After his visit with us in California, David's journey continues abroad to Australia. Look for updates from Mr. Hayles in the future!

David Hayles with the
Customer Service Team in
Carpinteria, California