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And now, a few words from Bethany Anke, InHealth Technologies' newly appointed Vice President and General Manager

I am honored to be named the Vice President and General Manager at InHealth Technologies. I am the first Speech-Language Pathologist to serve in this role.

I joined InHealth Technologies from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center nine years ago. I was drawn to the company when I saw the same commitment to patients and innovation at InHealth Technologies that I saw in the healthcare community. I was impressed by the vision of this company, and still am.

I am honored to be a part of a company that shares my passion for people and dedication to integrity. Throughout my time here, I have been able to impact people's lives beyond my immediate surroundings and have seen how our products provide solutions for patients worldwide.

I feel a tremendous sense of responsibility to live out this legacy, established by Dr. Blom and the 40 years of patients, practitioners, and employees we have served. I look forward to working alongside and for you, our customers, for many more years to come.

Beth Anke
Vice President and General Sales Manager