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Electrolaryngeal communication: Tips for success!

Learning to use an electrolarynx can be a challenge. To help, the clinical specialist team at InHealth Technologies offers the following helpful "Do and Don't" tips for using an electrolarynx successfully.


  • make sure that the electrolarynx head is in full contact with your skin. If it isn't, you may hear an unpleasant buzzing noise.
  • have the attention of your listener before you speak and, if possible, face them when speaking.
  • speak slowly and over-articulate your speech. Certain sounds, like "p," "t," and "k" can be easily lost in words during electrolaryngeal speech. Consider practicing these sounds by themselves.
  • try saying only the most important words when you are initially learning ("bathroom" vs. "I have to go to the bathroom"), especially if your listener is having a hard time understanding your speech.
  • find optimal placement of the electrolarynx. There is a spot that works best on everyone. If you get frustrated trying to find this spot, you may want to talk to your speech-language pathologist or healthcare provider.
  • practice daily! The more you practice, the easier this type of communication will be for you and your listeners.
  • be confident (even if you don't feel confident). Sometimes the most important part of communication is the thing not said, so being confident and making eye contact can make a big difference.


  • be offended or concerned if your listener asks you to repeat yourself. It can sometimes take a few tries before your listener's ears become accustomed to this type of speech.
  • take breaths or push air with your speech as you previously did. This can be distracting to your listener. Think of only "mouthing" the words.
  • forget to turn off the device during natural pauses in conversation. Long sentences can be hard for your listener to understand. Practicing on/off timing can be very helpful for you and your listener.

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