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Tips for showering and bathing after laryngectomy

Showering after your total laryngectomy surgery can be a daunting task.

InHealth Technologies' Clinical Specialists Morgan Greve, M.A., CCC-SLP, and Elizabeth Lucarelli, M.S., CCC-SLP, share their four best tips for showering and bathing after a laryngectomy.

1. Your stoma is a direct pathway to the lungs.
Water entering your stoma is a safety risk, so always avoid environments where you could be submerged or splashed.

2. Be mindful of running or splashing water near the stoma.
Consider drawing a bath before entering the tub; a shallow bath may be a more comfortable and safer way to start.

3. Using a handheld showerhead can help control the water in the shower.
Wetting and rinsing your body carefully with a handheld showerhead may be better in directing water away from your stoma. While washing your hair, wetting and rinsing your hair with your head tilted back helps direct the water away from the front of your stoma.

4. A shower collar or guard can offer additional protection to the stoma.

  • A shower collar: a collar goes around the entire neck and attaches in the back.
  • A shower guard: a guard generally attaches into a baseplate housing or to a heat and moisture exchange (HME) compatible laryngectomy tube that provides some level of redirection of water flow in the shower.

InHealth Technologies has recently upgraded our shower collar offerings and now offers two options:

ADDvox® Silicone Shower Shield
(BE 6079-R2)

This one-piece shower collar is extremely soft and pliable to create a comfortable seal at the neck to shield the stoma and permit underside airflow.

The Blom-Singer® Shower Guard
(BE 6048)

This one-piece, right-angle plastic shower guard attaches to a housing, button, or laryngectomy tube to protect the stoma during showering.

If you have any questions, we have a team of territory managers, clinical specialists, and customer services representatives to assist you. Feel free to reach out at 1-800-477-5969 or

Morgan Greve

Elizabeth Lucarelli