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Introducing the InHealth Technologies®
Medicare Assignment Program

FAQs—Frequently Asked Questions Medicare Assignment Covered Products

We've always accepted Medicare. But now we have developed a new program to simplify the process and offer patients unique advantages. It's called the InHealth Technologies Medicare Assignment Program.

Now there's no need for patients to submit a claim and wait for reimbursement. InHealth Technologies submits all the paperwork and Medicare reimburses us directly.

Patients are only responsible for the co-payment. If they have secondary insurance, they may even be covered for that too!

Please contact our Customer Service department. If you are current customer and eligible for Medicare, there is nothing else for you to do. We will update your account so that it is all set to go the next time you order.

To learn more about the InHealth Technologies Medicare Assignment Program, call our customer service team toll-free at 800.477.5969 or email our Medicare Assignment specialist directly at

Please watch the video below that explains the benefits and ease of enrolling in the InHealth Technologies Medicare Assignment Program.

FAQs—Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will my Medicare plan cover my HME and Laryngectomy supplies?
    Medicare Part B covers many items. The InHealth Technologies Medicare Assignment Program allows you to pay your 20% co-payment of the Medicare allowable. This program works for some supplies like the TruSeal housings, HME Cartridges, certain low pressure voice prostheses and duckbill voice prostheses.

    If you have specific questions about your Medicare program, please email us at

  2. What is the InHealth Technologies Medicare Assignment Program?
    In the past, after we helped you prepare and submit paperwork to Medicare, you would pay out-of-pocket upfront for the total cost of your products, then you would wait to be reimbursed by Medicare. Now, with our Medicare Assignment Program, we submit all the paperwork for you and Medicare reimburses us directly. You are only responsible for your co-payment. If you have a secondary insurance plan, it may even cover that co-payment!

  3. How do I sign up?
    Please contact our Customer Service department toll-free at 800.477.5969.

  4. Where can I find the new patient enrollment forms?
    Downloadable forms are availble online at or you can call our toll-free customer service line at 800.477.5969 and request a form be sent to you. We have live agents available Monday–Thursday, 9:30 a.m.–7:00 p.m. ET and Friday 9:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m. ET.

  5. What products are available through the Medicare Assignment Program?
    The products included in the Medicare Assignment Program are:
    • Blom-Singer® Plug Inserts New
    • Blom-Singer® EasyFlow® HME
    • Blom-Singer® ClassicFlow® HME
    • Blom-Singer® AccuFit® Adhesive Housings
    • Blom-Singer® HydroFit® Adhesive Housings
    • Blom-Singer® TruSeal® Contour Low Profile Adhesive Housings
    • Blom-Singer® Low Pressure Voice Prostheses
    • Blom-Singer® Duckbill Voice Prostheses
    • Blom-Singer® StomaSoft® Laryngectomy Tubes

    For the full list of Medicare Assignment program products, click here.

  6. How much can I expect to pay?
    It may vary depending on your insurance coverage. You will be responsible for the 20% Medicare co-payment. If you have a secondary insurance plan, it may cover the co-payment.

  7. I have a secondary plan; will InHealth Technologies file my claim with them?
    If Medicare is your primary insurance, Medicare will automatically forward your claim to your secondary/supplemental insurance.

  8. Do I pay for shipping?
    As usual, we are happy to provide Free Ground Shipping on most orders, but you can always upgrade to priority shipping for an additional cost.