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Answers to questions about DME

What is a DME?
Durable medical equipment is defined as any equipment that can be used repeatedly to provide therapeutic benefits to people with certain medical conditions. DMEs are appropriate for home use. In the case of laryngectomy supplies, heat and moisture exchange (HME) products are considered DME.

What is a DME supplier?

DME suppliers have a contract with insurance companies that permit them to offer DMEs at an agreed-upon price.

Can a DME company provide supplies to patients?

Maybe! Patients should contact their insurance company to learn which DME suppliers have contracted with their private insurance company. InHealth Technologies provides supplies to many DME companies, such as Edgepark, Apria Health Care, Lincare, Mckesson, and more.

Are all supplies going to be available through a DME?

Not all laryngectomy supplies are carried by DME providers, but we work hard to ensure that most of our HME supplies are accessible through our DME suppliers.

Should patients use a DME provider if they have Medicare?

Some DME providers may contract with Medicare. InHealth Technologies is an approved provider for Medicare, so ordering directly from us may be easier than working with our DME provider. Currently, all Medicare orders require prepayment. For convenience, we're happy to submit patients' traditional Medicare claims for reimbursement. Traditional Medicare generally covers 80% of the Medicare allowable fee schedule, and part B deductibles do apply. Have questions? Need help? InHealth Technologies has a Medicare/insurance specialist. Just email us at

Should patients use a DME provider if they are paying out of pocket?

Probably not. Ordering directly from InHealth Technologies is probably a more cost-effective and convenient option. However, if patients have insurance coverage, we recommend that they contact their insurance company to make sure that they are not needlessly paying out of pocket!

What if patients don't know what supplies they need or the supplies they used to get are no longer carried through a DME?

Getting the right supplies is critical. We strongly recommend that patients work with a skilled speech-language pathologist, physician, or healthcare professional to ensure they receive the correct supplies. InHealth Technologies supports the collaborative relationship between patients and healthcare professionals. To find a professional, we suggest that patients talk to support groups in their area, visit the International Association of Laryngectomees at, or contact our customer service team at 1-800-684-8594.

What happens if supplies that used to be covered and are now no longer covered?

Even if patients have the same insurance and same supplies, the coverage of those supplies can change. It is important to check the DME supplies coverage with the insurance company every year, particularly when open enrollment begins.

Want to speak with someone?

InHealth Technologies is here to support you! Please call our customer service team at 1-800-477-5969 or email our Medicare/insurance specialist directly at