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Meet laryngectomy patient Michael Mac Mahon

In the first few years after my laryngectomy, I experienced leakages, sometimes, frustratingly, within weeks of valve replacement. Admittedly, some valve changes were probably unnecessary and, with the benefit of hindsight, could probably be put down to inexperience in terms of a proper cleaning regime and also, perhaps, to the ongoing healing and stabilization of the area around the puncture.

Around 2004, it was suggested to me that I should try a dual valve prosthesis, and I have never looked back.

Since that time I have used a Blom-Singer Dual Valve Indwelling Voice Prosthesis, which, on the advice of my surgeon, I have replaced after twelve months.

Thanks to the Blom-Singer Dual Valve Prosthesis, leakages are no longer a concern, and I can honestly say they have virtually been consigned to the past.

The principal advantage of the Blom-Singer Dual Valve Prosthesis is that if the primary valve is affected by yeast or other matter, the second valve remains intact to prevent leakage of fluid.

The change to the Blom-Singer Dual Valve Prosthesis was by far the most positive occurrence in the life of this lary.

Once again, all this is offered with the proviso that a dual valve prosthesis might just not be suitable for some people.