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Help your patients breathe easier at work and play*

Introducing the new
Blom-Singer EasyFlow HME

"The EasyFlow gives me much larger breaths, so it is much more comfortable, and the color makes it much less noticeable."

Kenneth Carpenter, EasyFlow user

With the EasyFlow HME (heat and moisture exchange) system, you can breathe a little easier as compared to the Blom-Singer ClassicFlow*. Its foam filter is more porous. This allows you to breathe more freely as compared to ClassicFlow to match your activity level and pulmonary needs.

Research shows that long-term HME use results in:
Less mucus1
Less coughing1
Less risk of shortness of breath, fatigue, sleep problems, anxiety, and depression1,2

Plus, its beige tint and non-reflective surface texture make EasyFlow less noticeable against the skin.

Talk to your speech pathologist or doctor about the new EasyFlow HME.

Breathe easy at work and play. Night and day. With EasyFlow.

1. Ackerstaff AH, Hilgers FJ, et al. Improvements in respiratory and psychosocial functioning following total laryngectomy by the use of a heat and moisture exchanger. Annals of Otology, Rhinology & Laryngology. 1993;102(11):878-883.
2. Ackerstaff AH, Hilgers FJ, et al. Heat and moisture exchangers as a treatment option in the post-operative rehabilitation of laryngectomized patients. Clinical Otolaryngology. 1995;20:504-509.