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InHealth Technologies contributes to humanitarian trips to Africa

InHealth Technologies in Ghana

Jane Dawson, Principal Speech and Language Therapist, Head and Neck Oncology, of the Queen Victoria Hospital in West Sussex, England, went to Ghana with ENT and speech-language pathology teams. Here is her report:

I went to Ghana with Professor David Howard, an eminent UK ENT/Head and Neck Cancer Surgeon, recently retired from London. It was an amazing week. The ENT and speech and language therapy teams there were extremely grateful for the InHealth products I took over, which were supplied by InHealth Technologies' European distributor, Severn Healthcare.

I had the opportunity to see three of laryngectomy patients and contribute to their care. Cancer of the larynx is relatively unusual in West Africa, as alcohol and smoking are the province of the wealthy members of the population. However, the incidence is increasing as wealth and exposure to Western habits increases.

Another interesting fact: patients have to pay for all of their healthcare. There is only a rudimentary insurance system available and it would not cover large procedures for serious illnesses. This can mean that follow-up is difficult, not only logistically but also because patients are unable to afford to come with the regularity that would be desirable.

The patients I saw were delighted to receive the InHealth prosthesis and stoma care products!