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Product Category Product Type Catalog REF Patents
Blom-Singer Voice Prostheses Advantage VP- w/Titanium Ring, Non-Sterile, Hard Valve AD20XX-NS US 5,578,083; US 5,693,097; US 6,948,526; US 7,393,547; US 7,520,897; US 7,998,200; AU727888; CA2237518; CA2471854; CA2541887; CA2591246; CA2735835; CA2534163; EP0868156; EP1736119; EP2103283; EP1707156; ES2352169; JP3759752; AU2009225313, AU2006201493; AU2002364225
Advantage VP- Non-Sterile,
Soft Valve
AS16XX-NS, AS20XX-NS US 7,393,547; US 8,317,861; CA2591246; CA2534163; EP1707156
Dual Valve VP, Non-Sterile DV20XX-NS US 7,393,547; US 7,909,868; CA2591246; CA2534163; DE6020090083341; EP2110101; EP1707156
Hands Free Speech Adjustable Tracheostoma Valve II BE8024H, BE8025H, BE8026H US 7,025,784
Heat and Moisture Exchange HumidiFilter, HME System BE1060, BE1080, BE1055EZ, BE105EZS US 7,025,784
Tracheostoma Attachment Supplies TruSeal Housings BE6054, BE6565, BE6070, BE6071, BE6072, BE6074, BE6075, BE6076, BE6038, BE6039, BE6038-P, BE6039-P US 7,025,784
Adhesive Tape and Foam Discs BE6034, BE6035, BE6041, BE6042, BE6043, BE6044, BE6045, BE6046 US 7,025,784
Professional Voice Restoration Products Prosthesis Dilator-Sizer BE2051, BE2052 DE6020090036890; EP2110152; US 7,975,696
Voice Prosthesis Placement Surgical Kit TP1000, TP1001 US 8,696,697; US 8,784,487; AU2013201125; AU2013201037; other foreign patents pending
Fistula Management Adjustable Bi-Flanged Fistula Prosthesis FM1003, FM1004, FM1005 AU2010245115; US and other foreign patents pending
Nasal Septal Perforation Prostheses SP1XXX, SP2XXX US and foreign patents pending

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