Blom-Singer HydroFit Adhesive Housings
Blom-Singer HydroFit Adhesive Housing

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The HydroFit ® Adhesive Housing is a lightweight, flexible material offered in 3 shapes that fit various peristomal anatomies. It is a disposable, all-inclusive adhesive tape-disc/housing designed to hold the ATSV II, HME cartridge or Shower Guard over the stoma without the need for a tracheostoma valve housing, tape, or adhesive foam disc.

Key Features:

  • Gentle and flexible while still attaching firmly to the skin
  • Strong adhesion yet easily removable
  • Absorbs sweat while still maintaining adhesion
  • Moist environment for optimized healing
  • Better access and better value through Medicare Assignment and DME partners

Product Code: Round (BE 6085), Oval (BE 6086), Oval Extra (BE 6087)