Blom-Singer® Dual Valve Indwelling Voice Prosthesis - Nonsterile

Prescription Required

Standard Dual Valve $388
Dual Valve Large Flange $418

Standard Dual Flange



Blom-Singer Dual Valve & Dual Valve Large Flange Indwelling Voice Prosthesis

Two valves are better than one

Should the primary valve fail, the secondary speech valve is intended to remain viable to help prevent leakage of fluids. The Dual Valve with large esophageal and tracheal flanges can help reduce leakage around the valve.

Length 20 Fr. Standard 20 Fr. Large Flange Rx
6mm DV2006-NS DV2006-LF x
8mm DV2008-NS DV2008-LF x
10mm DV2010-NS DV2010-LF x
12mm DV2012-NS DV2012-LF x
14mm DV2014-NS DV2014-LF x

Nonsterile: Includes nonsterile voice prosthesis for secondary or replacement TEP procedures;
with insertion/cleaning accessories. Clinician Placed.

Rx: Products with a Rx notation require a prescription from a physician (USA patients)